We just hit 1000 unique listeners only 2 weeks after launch!

Wow, when we began planning this podcast I don’t think we ever thought we’d reach more than hundred or so people. As of this morning we’re at 1007 unique listeners. If you’re enjoying our podcast please rate and review us on Apple Podcast. Also, please leave a comment on this site. We’d love to hear from you. We’ll be launching a monthly Q/A Podcast that will be in addition to our regular schedule.

We’ve got a great schedule planned through the end of 2019 including several interviews and at least 1 live stream – we’ll have details on how that will work later. Upcoming topics include Historical Memory, the Palmer Raids, the aftermath of the Red Summer of 1919, as well as several segments on history outside the US. We’ll also continue our conversation about the future of history in higher education.

Stay tuned and thank you once again for listening! If you haven’t had a chance please check out the Patreon Link to the right. There are costs associated with creating and maintaining a podcast and that link gives you an opportunity to help us. It also gives you exclusive access to features unavailable on the regular site.

Thanks again,

Hilary & Geoff