Episode 47 – The Stonewall Rebellion

Uncredited Photo from the protests that occurred in the wake of Stonewall.

On June 28, 1969, what would normally have been a rather routine police bust of an unlicensed bar on New York City’s west side, sparked a series a riots and protests that birthed the modern Gay Pride movement. Who was there, who started the riot, who did the police target and many other details surrounding the night of the 28th as well as the subsequent nights of rioting has been a point of contention within the LGBT community ever since. Join us this week as we discuss the origins of Pride Month and the complicated beginnings of the LGBT rights movement.

Episode 27 – January 6, 2021

A “Make America Great Again” hat sits in the debris left behind at the West Terrace entrance checkpoint. REUTERS/Erin Scott

Join us as we try to work through the momentous events of the armed assault on the US Capital. We throw in a bit of historical perspective, but be aware we’re working through this like everyone else.