Episode 40 – Baseball

To celebrate spring and the return of America’s pastime, we’re delving into the history of baseball this week. From its origins as a children’s game in England to a powerful tool of imperialism, baseball has it all.

This picture is of the new players who joined the New York Yankees in 1960: Kent Hadley, Joe De Maestri, Roger Maris, Elmer Valo, Fred Kipp. Wikimedia Commons

1919 is finally up!

Twenty one people were killed on Commercial Street in the North End when a tank of molasses ruptured and exploded. Boston Public Library via Wikimedia Commons.

So after some technical issues our latest episode is up! It may be the most important year in American history! Labor unrest, mail bombs, Anarchist plots, industrial accidents, mass deportations, rising racial tensions, and a government spying on its own citizens. The headlines from 1919 bear a striking resemblance to the present.  Prohibition began, women’s suffrage came one step closer to being a reality, and the nation was wracked with some of the worst racial violence since the Civil War. Join Hilary and Geoff for a discussion of the year that marked the end of the Progressive Era.