Episode 24 – The Third Amendment

Soldier of the 29th regiment (1742) Wikimedia Commons

After a fairly lengthy hiatus, our series on Constitutional Amendments is back! While the Third Amendment may seem irrelevant to the 21st century, join us as we discuss how it could potentially be used in the future. We also cover different ways to interpret the Constitution.

The Second Amendment

The U.S. ideal of the citizen soldier, in the militia, depicted by The Concord Minute Man of 1775, a monument created by Daniel Chester French and erected in 1875, in Concord, Massachusetts.

Hilary and Geoff are back to discuss the Second Amendment (that’s the one about guns). Join us as we trace the antecedents to the Second Amendment. How did English common law and the 1689 Bill of Rights influence its conceptualization? How formative were the state constitutions of 1776/77? How have major Supreme Court decisions influenced out own views? We even discuss a major historical work first celebrated then vilified for its take on America’s gun culture.

The First Amendment

Title page, John Locke’s Treatises of Government from 1690 edition

This week Hilary and Geoff start a new series of episodes devoted to the Bill of Rights. We’re starting at the beginning and doing a deep dive into the First Amendment. Along the way we’ll discuss Prince John and the Magna Carta, the English Civil War, John Locke, the Glorious Revolution, and even the Virginia Declaration of Rights issued a month before the Declaration of Independence!