Episode 23 – The 1918 Pandemic

Otis Historical Archives, National Museum of Health and Medicine, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Join us as we discuss to differences and similarities between the H1N1 pandemic that swept the world after the Great War and the current Covid-19 crisis.

One thought on “Episode 23 – The 1918 Pandemic

  1. In relation to the flu early this year, my sister (who is a doctor) is fairly certain that due to the difference in response (i.e. reduced ventillator usage) it was much more likely to be the flu and not covid. This isn’t to say none of those cases were covid, but as someone who also suffered the illness in Jan-Feb, I do believe it was merely a very bad strain of flu. This is especially so due to me still having it and no one in my household got sick from me despite me not taking covid levels of isolation to prevent its spread.

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