Episode 48 – September 11 Twenty Years Later

World Trade Center with hotel, May 2001

In this week’s episode we look back on the events of September 11, 2001 and ask how we grapple with memory and recounting historical events. This is a unique episode because Geoff was there! he provides his own narrative of the day’s events and readily admits his own recollections are incomplete.

Something special!

So in the age of COVID 19 many educators and students have found themselves needing to use tools they are unfamiliar with. This series is designed to present a series of tools you can consider best-practice. By that I mean they are generally available across platforms and they emphasize your privacy and your ability to control what you do and do not share on the broader internet.

This episode is specifically focused on Web Browsers, Email Clients, and Web Hosting.

Here are the titles discussed in the video:

Firefox – https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/
Thunderbird – https://www.thunderbird.net/en-US/
Reclaim Hosting – https://reclaimhosting.com/

Additionally, Captura and Kdenlive were both used to make this video. They are discussed in detail in Part 4 of this series.

Episode 18 – The American West – Part 1

John Gast, “The Spirit of the Frontier,” 1872.

Hilary and Geoff begin a two-part series on major issues in the history of the “American West.” What does that term mean? How has the west been imagined and conceived, both in the past and in the contemporary ways we discuss it? Who gets included and who gets left out of that history? 

This is only part one of our discussion. Join us next time as we move into late-nineteenth and twentieth century ideas about the west.

1919 is finally up!

Twenty one people were killed on Commercial Street in the North End when a tank of molasses ruptured and exploded. Boston Public Library via Wikimedia Commons.

So after some technical issues our latest episode is up! It may be the most important year in American history! Labor unrest, mail bombs, Anarchist plots, industrial accidents, mass deportations, rising racial tensions, and a government spying on its own citizens. The headlines from 1919 bear a striking resemblance to the present.  Prohibition began, women’s suffrage came one step closer to being a reality, and the nation was wracked with some of the worst racial violence since the Civil War. Join Hilary and Geoff for a discussion of the year that marked the end of the Progressive Era.

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