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Astronaut Buzz Aldrin salutes the deployed United States flag during an Apollo 11 Extravehicular Activity (EVA) on the lunar surface. The Lunar Module (LM) is on the left, and the footprints of the astronauts are clearly visible in the soil of the Moon. Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong took this picture with a 70mm Hasselblad lunar surface camera.

What do Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Apollo 11, the Atlanta Child Murders, and 9/11 have in common? Each has one or more conspiracy theories surrounding it. Why have Americans seemingly always been drawn to conspiracy theories? Join Hilary and Geoff as they discuss both the broader cultural obsession with conspiracies and several historical examples. We’ll be discussing the previously referenced theories as well as some from the 18th and 19th centuries you may never have heard of but which captured the public imagination just as much as our modern conspiracy obsessions. We’ll also talk about how to deal with conspiracy theories in the classroom.

Episode 04 is here and it’s all about Rebellions!

Shays’s Rebellion and the Whiskey Rebellion are two conflicts during the Early Republic that you may have only heard of in passing. Today Hilary and Geoff discuss why they are events everyone should have some knowledge of. They were formative for the US Constitution, for subsequently reorganized state governments, relations between cities and rural spaces, class tensions, the memory of George Washington, and even the nature and meaning of the American Revolution itself.

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Halloween is almost here! Calling all witches…

So one of us really doesn’t like Halloween, but one of us loves it! While a discussion of the Salem Witchcraft Trials just feels seasonally correct for the end of October, this episode is about much more that witches. Join us as we delve into how historical analyses of events changes over time and how male and female historians have asked surprisingly different questions about historical events and actors.

New Episode Dropping this Friday – Impeachment!

By Espartaco Madureira Coelho –, Copyrighted free use, Link

Make sure to listen to out new episode – 03 – Impeachment coming this Friday (October 18, 2019).

Hilary and Geoff will be discussing the history of impeachment, how it is and is not clarified in the Constitution, how previous impeachment proceedings have played out, and how educators can deal with contentious topics in the classroom.