Episode 53 – A Brief History of NATO

NATO exercises in Nurenberg, Germany January 1986. “A Certain Sentinel” Photo by Nancy Wong

The current conflict in Ukraine has raised a lot of questions about Post-World War II Europe, the creation of strategic alliances in the second-half of the twentieth century, and the collpase of the Soviet Union in the 1990s and the effect it had on those relationships. At the center of many of these discussions sits NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Join us for this episode as we discuss, in rather broad terms, the rise of NATO and its reimagining after 1989. 

Episode 49 – A History of Medicine – Part 1

Harvey – From the Motion of the blood. Wikimedia Commons

So, this week we start an extended series about the history of medicine. We start in Ancient Egypt and move around the Mediterranean finally ending up in Colonial America. Along the way we discuss the idea of bodily humors, the principal of extractive therapy, as well as the naissance of scientific approaches to medicine. We also discuss the critical and often unwilling role marginalized people played in the creation of medical knowledge.

Something special!

So in the age of COVID 19 many educators and students have found themselves needing to use tools they are unfamiliar with. This series is designed to present a series of tools you can consider best-practice. By that I mean they are generally available across platforms and they emphasize your privacy and your ability to control what you do and do not share on the broader internet.

This episode is specifically focused on Web Browsers, Email Clients, and Web Hosting.

Here are the titles discussed in the video:

Firefox – https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/
Thunderbird – https://www.thunderbird.net/en-US/
Reclaim Hosting – https://reclaimhosting.com/

Additionally, Captura and Kdenlive were both used to make this video. They are discussed in detail in Part 4 of this series.

Episode 18 – The American West – Part 1

John Gast, “The Spirit of the Frontier,” 1872.

Hilary and Geoff begin a two-part series on major issues in the history of the “American West.” What does that term mean? How has the west been imagined and conceived, both in the past and in the contemporary ways we discuss it? Who gets included and who gets left out of that history? 

This is only part one of our discussion. Join us next time as we move into late-nineteenth and twentieth century ideas about the west.

1919, the most important year in US history! New episode dropping tomorrow.

NY Tribune – June 4, 1919

Bombs, race riots, massive strikes were all prominent in 1919, but so was the ratification of one amendment, prohibition, and the conveyance of another, women’s suffrage to the states for ratification. This was a pivotal year for the nation; one marking the end of one era and the beginning of another. It serves as a litmus test for what a truly fractured society looks like. Join us for a deep dive into the year 1919!

Halloween is almost here! Calling all witches…

So one of us really doesn’t like Halloween, but one of us loves it! While a discussion of the Salem Witchcraft Trials just feels seasonally correct for the end of October, this episode is about much more that witches. Join us as we delve into how historical analyses of events changes over time and how male and female historians have asked surprisingly different questions about historical events and actors.

New Episode Dropping this Friday – Impeachment!

By Espartaco Madureira Coelho – dominiopublico.gov.br, Copyrighted free use, Link

Make sure to listen to out new episode – 03 – Impeachment coming this Friday (October 18, 2019).

Hilary and Geoff will be discussing the history of impeachment, how it is and is not clarified in the Constitution, how previous impeachment proceedings have played out, and how educators can deal with contentious topics in the classroom.